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I love being part of creating a companies brand, or when we get the opportunity to follow a well established brand. It represents what the company stands for, it's beliefs, its mission, vision, making sure every day their organisation presents itself in the manner and professionalism that represents their core values.

The brand is much more than just the logo!

When I see some of the bigger companies style guides they can be quite involved, they can talk about the language to be voiced, the mindset and so on, but for small to medium companies, once you have a good logo, started creating a few  items, we can produce a mood board which is a one page visual reference to refer too but if we manage your advertising, we make sure all material follows your brand and is consistent.

Consistency  endorses a level of professionalism and makes all of your advertising more effective with a clear picture in your target markets mind as well as internally amongst staff.

Here are just a few examples of various brands and how effective a good brand can look.

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