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I was fortunate to be the design company for a promotional company which opened my eyes to the incredible range of products available. A promotional product is a great way for a company to leave something behind for their target market to consistently think of them. Thinking about how you deliver the message is so important, take my pen holder to the right, rather than give clients a Bic pen I attached it to a card with a medieval concept with me on the front cover riding a wild stallion. Everyone I give this to have a laugh and they remember it, despite just being a pen! 

Most products come in a plain white box, quite often I used to design and create the external packaging not only to personalise the item but to make the experience of receiving a gift more memorable. There are a lot of items available in Australia, bigger quantities are worth indenting from overseas, but you need to have the time.

Below are just some items I have produced over the years but for more of a range visit:

Here are just a few examples of various brands and how effective a good brand can look.

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