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Obviously with my print background I have been fortunate to work with a number of local and overseas authors and publishing companies. Years ago Australia offered people a book bounty which provided some financial assistance which made us very competitive with the rest of the world.


The paper come from Europe, we printed in Perth, and if it needed to be case bound or section sewn which is the strongest binding we used to send to Melbourne and then we used to ship to places like USA, New Caledonia.


Now with the introduction of digital printing, shorter runs are viable and so autobiographies, memoires can be achieved to pass down to family and become part of a legacy.

We work with a couple of copywriters that can polish the content, then I can design and print the final book for you. If you want to promote the book further I can put you in touch with some publishers, we can create a shopify/website to give you an online presence and away you go!


Here are just a few examples of publications we have been fortunate to be apart of.

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