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I work with a couple of videographers, that work local, and regional. When I worked with a media company, it opened my eyes to the possibility of hiring a talent, to be an ambassador for the brand. Some retiring sports person can certainly make a good income after their sporting career has stopped.

All my videographers shoot Hi res, TV quality and also have the ability to incorporate a production manager that can ensure the correct information is captured. We try and make the conversation as natural as possible but we do have iPad prompts to assist the person keep on track.

I don't have many examples unfortunately as most examples have turned out to be of sensitive nature but videos are a great way to educate, to show the scope of work carried out. I've carried out monthly training videos for managers to release internally, providing staff with updates and direction, videos for websites, videos for social media exposure and they are great for instructional purpose.


One video we created for a mining company was to have a bit of a light-hearted moment with their team so we created a comical horse race with the heads of the staff blown up, bobbling around. What was funny was a script was provided and we actually knew a race pronouncer  that did the voice overlay which was hilarious. 

I work closely with a few media houses that can  place the video with the appropriate TV station producing the best mass awareness possible for your dollar.

Here are just a few examples of various brands and how effective a good brand can look.

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