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websites/digital media.

The website and digital ads need to convey a consistency, reflecting the companies brand. We can recommend people to manage your social media but most of our clients tend to do it themselves. We produce templates to maintain a professional appearance and clarity straight away, so the target market has no confusion, they simply focus on the message that we are promoting.

 Regarding websites, I tend to produce two kinds of website, Wix based platform and Word Press/unique coding websites. They both have their place but as a quick guide, Word Press or unique coding is probably better for SEO, and you have more scope to create specific tasks or unique features to suit your business. I just love Wix because it is more cost efficient, no ongoing fees, it is secure, it does have good SEO, in built Social media capabilities and the main love is that they are easy for you to manage!

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 Here are just a few examples of various websites and digital marketing.

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